Mental Health Campaigns

Campaigns were identified as a way to disseminate mental wellness information to the public. Use these recommended campaigns in your community or as models to inform the general public or target populations about mental wellness.


  • NAMI: Suicide Prevention Awareness Month
    • Tools: Graphics, elements for social media sites, ideas for individual involvement, resources, phone numbers for help, list of warning signs, etc.
  • Active Minds: Send Silence Packing
    • Tools: Traveling display at universities with empty backpacks representing the students lost to suicide, personal stories, blog posts, web page, media kit, and recommendations for reporting a suicide




  • NAMI: Mental Health Month
    • Tools: Public service announcements, articles, advocacy tools, posters, graphics, suggestions about what people can do on an individual level, etc.
  • No Shame on U
  • Active Minds: National Day Without Stigma
    • Tools: Activism, pledge for participants, resources
  • Rogers Memorial InHealth: WISE
    • Tools: Testimonials, research, videos, posters, artwork, facilitator resources, etc.



  • Bullying Prevention Awareness Month
    • Tools: Statistics, state policies and laws, Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, list of ways to protect children from cyberbullying and harassment, tips for parents, bullying prevention training module for communities, action tools



  • NAMI: FaithNet
    • Tools: Sample sermons, Faith Advisory Group, articles, blog posts, tips on how to help a person with mental illness, inspirational and healing prayers, faith support groups

Emergency Responder

  • The Code Green Campaign
    • Tools: Help Line phone numbers, testimonials, dedication page, resources, press releases, etc.