There is a great deal of misunderstanding and myths when it comes to mental health in our communities. In the Kindness phase your community will increase compassion for those dealing with mental illness through awareness and education.

Kindness Checklist:
1) Yearly, conduct a mental health awareness campaign during Mental Health Awareness Month (May) or Awareness Week (October)
2) Offer at least one mental health educational or training opportunity for police, fire and EMS. Provide First Responder Tool Kit during training.
3) Yearly, hold at least one community conversation and one mental health training for the general community.
4) Promote the mental health hotlines, 2-1-1, COPE, and county crisis line on social media, print, municipality website, etc.
5) Collaborate with WISE to host at least one Honest, Open, Proud training.
6) Brainstorm how to implement an Active Parks initiative in your community.