In the Support phase your community will have the ability to help and assist those dealing with mental health issues by providing community resources and networks. 

Support Checklist:
1) Collaborate with community partners to identify and sustain a Community Health Worker (Peer Support Specialist, Health Navigator, or Parent Peers) throughout your community to train. 
2) Get at least five community agencies to populate 2-1-1 with their current information.
3) Identify, promote and/or develop peer-led support groups for different populations in your community including youth, families, elderly, etc.
4) Hold a conversation with key stakeholders in exploring ways to increase the number of outpatient providers.
5) Identify and recruit three new members to sit on the Well Washington County- Think Well Team or Ozaukee County-INVEST Mental Health Team.
 6) Apply for grants or secure funding for the Active Parks initiative.